Submit Guide

The submission system enables you to submit the details of a record to your repository. This could mean the creation of an entirely new record, or simply the modification of the bibliographic information associated with a record that already exists in the repository.

Getting started with a submission

Before you start submitting, you will need to login.

Having logged into the system, you will need to go to the submit entry page, where you will be presented with a list of the different document types supported by your submission system. Click on the name of the document that you'd like to submit and you will be taken to a submission entry page for that type of document. Here you will be able to see the different types of submission supported for that type of document. Typically, the options will be something like submitting a new record or modifying an existing record, but they may vary according to the type of document.

The document type may be sub-divided into different categories. For example, articles may be sub-divided into "Reports" and "Preprints". If the document type that you're working with makes use of such categories, you'll see a list of radio-buttons with the name of each category on the page, just to the left of the submission buttons. You'll need to select the category of document that you'd like to work with and then click on the button for the kind of action you'd like to carry out. If no categories appear on the page, it means that the document type doesn't use them and you don't need to worry about choosing one - just click on the relevant action button.

Submitting a new record

If you have clicked on the button to submit a new record into the repository, you will be taken to a web page containing various fields that you will need to fill with information about the new record that you're submitting. This metadata will no doubt vary by document type, but typically it might include details like the record's title, author(s), abstract, date of creation, etc. Usually, the submission form will be contained entirely on one page, but could also be spread over several pages. In that case, you will notice that at the top of the submission form, there is a tab for each of the pages making up the form, so you'll be able to tell which page you're currently on and also how many pages there are in total. If the submission form has several pages, you will also see "next page" and/or "previous page" arrows at the bottom of the form, depending upon which page you're on.

Some fields on the submission form may be mandatory and others optional. It depends entirely upon how it has been configured. If you miss a mandatory field, when you try to move to the next page or click on the "finish submission" button, you'll be informed about the missing information by means of a popup window and you won't be permitted to proceed until you have provided the necessary information.

The form may also contain a field enabling you to upload a full-text file along with the metadata. If this is the case, you should give the full path to the file on your local machine - using the browse button associated with the field if possible.

Once you have filled the form fields with the relevant information, you can proceed with the submission by clicking on the button at the bottom of the last page of the form. Normally, this will finish the submission and upload the information and full-text files into the repository. During this step, please be patient; when the system has finished processing the information, you should see a message indicating this. Please don't quit before you see this message. Some time after this, you will be able to view the newly created record in the repository.

Now that you've submitted your record, if you want to, you can click on the "main menu" link at the bottom of the page in order to return to the document type's submission entry page. From there, you can make another submission.

Modifying the bibliographic information for an existing record

If you want to modify the bibliographic information associated with an existing record, click on the "Modify Record" button on the document type's submission entry page. Modification of a record is a two-step process. First, you need to tell the system which record you would like to modify, and which fields of that record you would like to modify. To enable you to do this, the system will present you with a page asking for the record's "report number" and for the fields to be modified. When you've provided this information, click on the "continue" button and you will be taken to a page containing the fields that you have chosen to modify, populated with the information contained in the record that you are modifying. It's up to you to update these fields with the new values and to click on the finish submission button when you're done. The changes will be applied to the record as soon as possible.

Adding / Revising / Deleting the file(s) of an existing record

If you want to manage the file(s) attached to an existing record, go to your document type's submission entry page, and choose the appropriate action: "Revise Files", "Transfer Files", etc.

If such an option is not available for your document type, please send a copy of it to, quoting the record's reference number and title and they will attach it to the record on your behalf.

Note that modification of files is not always allowed: it might depends on the submission's policy (Eg. a document that has been approved might not be changed in some cases).

Submission hints